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Who are you?

Tom Flesher, Master of Science, economist-in-training, mercenary educator, baseball nerd, Canadian politics wonk, homebrewer, former box factory worker, and purveyor of the self-proclaimed World’s Worst Sports Blog.

What’s a heureusement?

The title of the blog is a pun. The Bloc Quebecois, a separatist/sovereigntist party in Canada, ran a campaign as an alternative to the two major parties in the Canadian system, the Liberals and the Conservatives. Their slogan was <<Heureusement, ici, c’est le Bloc!>>. Strictly translated (as they did in their platform), “Thankfully, here, it’s the Bloc,” although I think it’s more accurate to say “Fortunately, there’s the Bloc.” It stems from when I originally started the blog and it focused a lot more on Canadian politics before it morphed into a baseball stat blog. (Now there’s a transition!)

So, like, you’re Canadian, right?

No. I live in the metro-Buffalo, New York area. I’m a lifelong western New Yorker, with the exception of some time spent living in New York City.

Well, at least you played baseball, right?

Nope. Wrestled through high school, though.

So why do you do this?

It’s important to have clarity in thoughts, and to stay updated on important issues in one’s disciplines of choice. In my case, those are baseball and applied econometrics. This blog is mostly a research journal for me, a place where I can apply concepts as I learn them to interesting issues that arise in the news or popular culture. It also gives me a place to put random ideas I have about baseball statistics, during the baseball season.

What’s up with the Economics haiku?

I don’t really do them anymore, but it was an idea I picked up from the Freakonomics blog. As Stephen Ziliak says, “Haiku economics is like spontaneous, analytical sprinting across the economic plane. It cuts to the logical and spiritual chase of the circular flow, and at a low and constant marginal cost of just 17 syllables.” I find it helps me distill my thoughts into a clear, simple phrase, and has the added benefit of helping show that some of the quicker entries are complete.

What’s the comment policy?

We have a comment policy? Do we need one of those when no one comments? Well, if you’re moved to leave a comment, please feel free to do so. Comments are enabled for all posts and encouraged.

I’m looking for a t-table and your site came up.

That’s not really a question, but I have a set of links you might find useful at my Statistical Tools page.


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